Wheat Barn (Sleeps 8)

Wheat Barn (Sleeps 8) - Jan 9, 2017

"Great location and perfect for family celebrations. Barn very lovingly restored with a good quality specification." - December 2016 → read more

4 Doric Place, Woodbridge (Sleeps 8)

4 Doric Place, Woodbridge (Sleeps 8) - Jan 9, 2017

"Wonderful stay in Woodbridge. Enjoyed a relaxing time in your beautiful cottage. Fell in love with the place." - The Dayley family, 2016 → read more

White Cottage, Woodbridge (Sleeps 4)

White Cottage, Woodbridge (Sleeps 4) - Jan 9, 2017

“Charming cottage; its decor, furnishings, equipment, and location in centre of Woodbridge.” - April 2016 → goo.gl/FvjjIv
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The Riverside Theatre

Sitting next to the train station in Woodbridge you will find The Riverside Theatre, appropriately named given its proximity to the River Deben a stone's throw beyond. The purpose bui...

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Where to see . . . Kingfishers

Kingfishers are very striking with their brilliant plumage of blue and orange. While you think this might make them stand out against the backdrop of the green Suffolk countryside, kingfishers can be notoriously difficult to spot. Even the keenest of eyes might miss them as they flash by, so it h...

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UFO Trail - Rendlesham Forest

On December 27th in 1980, there were sightings of what can only be described as an unidentified flying object seen in the skies of Suffolk in Rendlesham Forest. It remains a mystery to this day exactly what it was that was seen and is considered one of the most significant UFO incidents which has...

by alice | Dec 19, 2016 |

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