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'Releasing the Story of Sutton Hoo'


The National Trust has recently received the initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund needed for a new project that will be based in Woodbridge - ‘Releasing the Story of Sutton Hoo’.

Sutton Hoo is believed to be the burial site of King Raedwald of East Anglia, who died in the 7th century. It is thought that the ship was hauled half a mile to the site from the River Deben, which Sutton Hoo overlooks. The site was discovered in 1939, and perhaps the most famous artifact from the find is the remains of a warrior’s helmet which, despite being displayed in the British Museum in London, is synonymous with Sutton Hoo.  

The new project will be used to develop a replica of the historical Anglo-Saxon ship burial site enabling visitors to retrace the steps of the royal funeral procession. The waterfront in Woodbridge will be the home of this new project, replacing an old boat building site once called Whisstocks, which has been unused for nearly 20 years. The site will be nestled between the Town Quay and the Tide Mill.

The redevelopment will include a new waterfront square, a museum building and a 32 metre boat shed, dubbed the Long Shed, large enough to construct the full size replica of the Anglo-Saxon ship. The construction will be community driven and the project will further endorse recreational activities for people of all ages to involve themselves in.

Also, there will be a restaurant which will have stunning views over the river in addition to space for accommodation and shops.

The Woodbridge Riverside Trust will be taking over the new boat shed in spring 2017 and the handover from Woodbridge Town Council will be celebrated by a specially composed musical gala which will involve local schools and musicians. The Trust will be putting on numerous events over the course of the next two years in order to help raise the £70,000 needed for fitting out the building and will allow people to find out more about the development as well as support what will soon be a unique facility in Suffolk.

Suffolk has such a rich history that spans back eons. It never fails to amaze how many mysteries lay as yet undiscovered. The new development for is a brilliant blending of the old with the new in its expansion of the landmark that is Sutton Hoo.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2021 so keep an eye out for news and updates over the upcoming months as we follow the project’s progress.

To read more, visit the website here.

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