Suffolk is steeped in military history. Bentwaters Cold War Museum, is based on the former Bentwaters airfield, and was home to the USAF hardened command post. Today, the restored war operations room, battle cabin, telephone exchange room, decontamination showers and airlock are all open to the public, as well as the hangar, in which aircraft representative of the Cold War are displayed.

Other rooms in the building have been turned into exhibition rooms, where you can learn about the history of RAF Bentwaters, from the Second World War until the base closed in 1993. Particularly, the histories of the units that operated from the airfield are covered, such as the 81st FW.

The site also dedicates a room to the history of the other airfield that made up the “twin base” complex, RAF Woodbridge, and covers the period from World War II to present day.

You will also find exhibitions on the Special Operations/Rescue Squadrons that were based at RAF Woodbridge, and the Aggressor Squadron, based at Bentwaters.

Building 134
Bentwaters Parks